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We assume you have a web site running CMS Made Simple to follow this tutorial. If you don't know how to install your CMS Made Simple read the user hand book. If after that you still need help you can contact us and we will be happy to give you a quote after know your project details.

Also it is very important to have a backup of your site files and data base before install themes, modules or perform upgrades to the system.

You also need:

  1. A ZIP software utility
  2. An FTP client
  3. One Browser

Step 1 – Request your theme package using the form on the right

Fill in your details and follow the instructions. You will need to confirm your email before download the package wich encloses all the files you need.

Step 2 – Unzip the package to a folder on your computer.

You can unZip your package to you desktop for instance.

Inside the unzipped folder you will find the following:

  • cmsmsthemes-demo.xml
  • www
    • Blueprint

Despite some themes can consist of only one .xml file, other more complex will require the use of graphics, javascript files, additional modules etc. In these cases we always include the www folder with the files that you need to copy to your root folder site. This folder will enclose all the necessary files (graphics, scripts, CSS styles) for your theme.

Step 3 – Copy the WWW folder contents to your web site root folder

You will eventually be prompted with an alert saying some folders already exists. Here you can safely replace all because the new folders only contains files related to your new theme. This way the new files are added and the existent ones will remain unchanged.

Step 4 – Login to your admin area and import the CMSMS-demo.xml

Go to Layout>Theme manager>Import Tab, select the file cmsmsthemes-demo.xml file using the BROWSE button and click IMPORT.

Step 5 – Apply the new theme to your pages

Now you can go to Layout>Templates and apply your new Template to all pages. If you want to apply the Template individually go to Content>Pages, edit the page you want and choose the desired Template on the Options Tab. Always check your changes on the front end.

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You can see the demo here.
Please note our Demo is using a few extra modules that require additional installation work.

Demo Theme